crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

So. I had this dream after watching Leno last night. Junior Bush was a guest on the show.
Anyway, in my dream, part of my job was to show prospective presidential candidates around the city of Portland.
Well, I hit the town with Little Bush, got a little drunk, and bought a hang glider.
Bush had a speech to give later at my school, and my job was to hang glide through the auditorium.
Well, while hang gliding, all the cameras were on me. So I swooped down and got a hang full of mashed potatoes.
But, while trying to eat them, I smeared them all over my face and everyone started laughing.
So I did it again to make it seem as if I did it on purpose. And then I started throwing food all over the crowd.
Needless to say, Bush was not too pleased with me. So I went and played tennis with him the next day. And I told him that even though I wasn't voting for him, I didn't feel that it would be fair if he lost the election because of me, so I told him I would make a public apology.
All in all, it was a pretty fucked up dream. But...he's going to be in town today. Maybe I should show up with a hang glider and a box of Idaho Spuds.
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