crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

[|indy|} everyone you date must have one redeeming quality that made you date them, right?
[0:21] [suffocate] hmmmm
[|indy|] well, if you date someone else, and they have other qualities, and they lack in the department of the quality that you dated the last person in.
[0:21] [suffocate] yeah
[0:21] [suffocate] that can happen
[|indy|] how do you find someone that has all of the qualities of everyone you've ever dated?
[|indy|] you're always going to miss something about someone
[0:21] [suffocate] yes
[0:22] [suffocate] that's right.
[0:22] [suffocate] you can search but you'll never find it.
[|indy|] and never be completely happy
[|indy|] so what's the point in dating at all?
[0:22] [suffocate] i don't know
[0:22] [suffocate] or you could get over missing things
[0:22] [suffocate] and experience things newly
[0:22] [suffocate] and appreciate them for what they are
[|indy|] but then you're never going to be perfectly content with who you're dating.
[|indy|] it could be anything from the quality of oral sex to the quality of their musical taste.
[|indy|] I guess basically no one's really happy.
[|indy|] and there's no point in going and searching for that "special someone". because they aren't out there.
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