crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

[9:23] [^kyt^] yah, I fall in love a lot too. and then after 2 weeks, I'm bored
[|indy|] girls like you need to stay away from boys like me
[9:25] [^kyt^] hahahh why?
[|indy|] because, we need to be loved!
[9:26] [^kyt^] I think my problem is actually that I'm really mellow, open minded and laid back, so I attract all of the psycho guys
[|indy|] yeah
[|indy|] I'm one of the psycho guys
[9:26] [^kyt^] nah. you're not psycho. you've just got baggage
[|indy|] a lot of baggage
[|indy|] and we ain't talkin' carry on!
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