crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

everyone thinks her hair looks stupid.
thank you for not looking like a coke whore when we dated.
we laughed at your boyfriend's poetry last night.
someone that writes GOOD poetry and goes to school for it
we decided he needs to stop flooding the internet with bad poetry.
he writes like a sad 13 year old girl whose parent's just got divorced.
pathetic? Yes, I am.
But at least I'm not a bad poet that looks like a partially shaved testicle.
goatee+bad poetry=bad.
oh, and stop coming onto #Punk and trying to make me jealous by talking
about how your boyfriend is buying you a pack of cigarettes.
that isn't noteworthy, it just makes you pathically jealous.
and also stop coming there and bragging about how much ass sex you've been having.
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