crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

So, last night's sleep was plagued with a series of terrifying nightmares. I don't know what has been causing this, the new bed, the colder weather, the impending sense of doom that comes with a new job...

Anyways, that said, I will now tell you the story of the latest, and perhaps strangest of them all.

It all begins like this. Drew Carrey dies. I wasn't too affected, because I'm not the biggest fan of his show. Anyways, for some reason they take his body and lock it in a giant ice cream freezer. Strange enough, right? No, not for MY dreams. For some reason by bed was placed inside that freezer, and as I'm going to sleep, I read something in entertainment weekly about how there was a rumor that Drew Carrey had just faked his own death to get out of the military draft.

Anyways, as the night progresses, I get more and more scared to look over at his body, that's sort of just chillin' over on a pile of ice cream. And then, his eyes open for a minute. I wake up Cara, in classic horror movie fashion she tells me I'm just imagining things and goes back to sleep. Then he scratches his head, I wake her up again, and she tells me to get back to sleep.

Then out of nowhere, he jumps up, lets out a loud grunting noise, and I wake up.

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