crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

so, here goes...
I met another girl at Vic's.
When I asked her for her number she said "I'm not going to fuck you tonight."
Which was odd.
Because #1 That was not my intent.
And #2 she was very flirty with me.
I did get her number, however.
Though she is a tad old for me (26 or 27, she thought I was 24.)
She does seem interested in drinking coffee and discussing music and practicing our skills at crossword puzzles (we sucked at it drunk).

And also, on a side note. Could someone pass onto Cara this note "we need to discuss me taking my name off of the power and the lease, thanks for reminding me when you told my mom I was psycho and needed to change my address. and also, if you stole my state tax check, I will press charges, because that is three federal offenses."

But I'm happy, otherwise! :D
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