crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

Oh, and also.

I had two dreams involving me and only me being completely naked.
Probably because I slept naked, which is not a habit of mine that I normally do alone,
but it was really hot.
so in the first dream, a certain girl got into bed with me to sleep. with no sexual implications involved. For one, she didn't know I was naked, nor did I plan for her to come into my bed. so I just tried to hide it.
Woke up from that dream, and in this second dream, it was so hot I went to the park to sleep naked.
I woke up in the morning surrounded by children, all sweaty and naked (but still under covers). And tried to find a way home without anyone noticing how very naked I was.
I woke up thinking I really was at the park.

Oh, and no one would ever guess who the girl was.
And that wasn't sarcasm, because I know who you'd all assume it was, you little buggers!
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