crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

I wonder...

What would be thought of me, being the male, if I dumped Cara and immediatly found a new girlfriend, fucked around with them both, then got back with Cara, got yet another new girlfriend, but didn't tell either of them about eachother, then eventually dumped Cara again. Talked a bunch of shit about her to my new girlfriend, then told her I wanted to get back with her, fucked around with her, kicked her to the curb and got back with my new girlfriend. Trhow in the fact that my new girlfriend's fat roomate is so pathetic she talks shit to Cara on Livejournal.
I bet several people who still like Cara wouldn't like me if the tables were turned.
And why?
Because when a guy does that, it seems so much more evil.
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