crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,


Tomaelias: but she is concerned about me, not you.
XXXindyXXX: maybe this will teach her not to fuck with people's emotions.
XXXindyXXX: I know
XXXindyXXX: and that's ok
Tomaelias: dont think she gives a fuck about you. so get over it.
XXXindyXXX: because you're dumb, so I don't care.
XXXindyXXX: at least Jason was smart
Tomaelias: if thats how you need to deal with it. Just think of me as a retard, I dont care. Do what ever you need to do
XXXindyXXX: everyone thinks of you as a retard.
XXXindyXXX: everyone but Cara and Sarah, and perhaps yourself.
XXXindyXXX: go on wallowing in your 15 brain cells and drown in them.
XXXindyXXX: I'm done with you all. have fun trying to be intellectual.
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