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as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do...

why the fuck did I have a dream about Cara, Sarah, my roomate John, a 1993 BMW 4 door sedan, the up and coming Death Cab for Cutie album and my pager that I lost about 6 months ago?
it wasn't really a romantic dream. actually it involved me throwing my pager at the BMW that someone(s) was(were) in.
maybe somewhere deep down inside I have this emotion that I thought I let go of about a month ago.
love? rage? fuck if I know.
Cara made me feel about 56 different emotions that I'd never felt before.
not that I'm angry with her about it, it's just the truth.
it was a learning experience, I guess. it made me learn how good of a person (and how bad of a person) I can be.
probably for the both of us.
but these days her and I don't talk or hang out.
and that's ok.
I had a good time with her, and I know at times she had a good time with me.
all's well that ends well.
wait, it didn't end well.
oh well!
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