crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

Before the question is asked...

I do not have anything better to do than point out other people's spelling errors, gramatical errors, metaphorical errors and well, their general stupidity.
I'm a God damned loser!
I want my fucking cats back.
Before they're tainted by idiot germs for life.
I could see the dullness in their eyes last time I saw them.
He's a bad influence on them.
I really don't care about Cara, and I tried to be nice, and I just couldn't help it. Random assed people make fun of him on his journal, and it's just GOD DAMNED FUNNY! Maybe he's smart in real life or something, but I sincerely doubt that.
And Cara, can you tell me where you heard of this study that "people who learn foreign languages tend to forget certain things about their own"?
It's probably true, but I'm sure you just made it the fuck up. I wonder how well he can speak other languages when he can't speak his own fluently.
I can count to three in Japanese, too. That doesn't make me bilingual.
And also!
I'm tired.
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