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God, please bless the WB and FOX networks for their fine late night


Tomorrow will officially be my day off full of responsible adult-like

I haven't been doing much at-home drinking lately, though looking at my
room may lead some to believe otherwise.

I just haven't cleaned since the day I moved all my stuff in.

I have, however done laundry. But tomorrow I need to do so once again.

I also will do a more in-depth surgical procedure into the heart of the
minor problem with my beautiful 1985 Ford Crown Victoria LTD station wagon.
This time I'm going to find out where this beautiful beast of an American-Made
machine is hiding it's fuel filter. Kind of like a blind child trying
to solve a Where's Waldo, if you will.

In other news...

It is with great sorrow and remorse that I must confess that I did
indeed partake in a cup of Starbucks coffee today. But there is no shame
in what I have done. As guilt-ridden as this confession may be, I also
feel obliged to admit it was pretty fucking good coffee. I just hope
that the good people of this great country that we live in can find it
in their hearts and souls to forgive me. It was all in good fun, though
and I had a good time.

I saw the other 2/3 of my friends who were gone in Alaska for 5 months
today. That was neat. Sadly, they did not do any prospecting for gold.
I could use some rich friends right about now.
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