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naked women

I had a weekend full of nude women.
First, Steve drug me to some fetish party, with promises of hot, nude women. How could I say no?
Half of his promises came through. The women were there, and nude. But also repulsive. There were two or three cute, fully clothed women. One did talk to us, but did not come back for more conversation. We snuck out the back door eventually and ran to his car during a girl's "performance" for which we unknowingly sat in the closest seat possible. Then we went to the Vern and he tried to hook me up with some girl I did not find attractive.

And, on sunday, I went to lunch with my dad and his friend. We went to a strip club. It was traumatizing to see my dad have some stripper shove her tits in his face. And it's hard to eat when there's an ass less than a foot away (unless it's the ass that you're eating).

I drove. My dad's friend offered one of the "dancers" some chew. She looked mortified. It was actually pretty funny.

I hate strip clubs.
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