crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

Cock, balls, and whatnot...

So, I'm going to look for a new place to live.
My roomates want their own lovenest. :(
I called "Jerf" a "fucking idiot" who needs to "grow up and be an adult" and learn what it's like to pay for his own shit.
And I called John "Jeff's little bitch".
John came in my room later and woke me up and asked if I wanted to talk, and I told him to get the fuck out of my room.

Thank's for kicking me out because I don't listen to enough emo. :(

It's actually a blessing in disguise. My rage was more along the lines of "now I have an excuse to tell you off" than "I'm so sad you don't want me to live here anymore".

Now I can move out with some people that aren't the fakest bitches in the world.

But it will be weird having to see Jerf every day 'til I move. I really bitched him out.
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