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And it's strange, but nothing's all that strange...

Last night was interesting. I TRIED to get us lost but my companion was all to familiar with the outskirts of the Beaverton-Hillsdale area.
I pulled into a parking lot to turn around, and joking said "we're here" and then realized it was a motel parking lot, and then it came to me how my not very funny joke may have been misinterpreted and turned about a billion shades of red.
We also came to the realization that the car dealerships on Canyon road are fronts for sex shops. Look into it.
I then drove my companion's yawning-tired ass home.

I then drove to Kerry's, I think I saw him leaving, which sucked because I wanted to go "grab a beer" with him.

So then I went to Abe's. And Abe was about to take Lauren home, but his car wouldn't start so I had to take her Diet Doctor Pepper spilling ass home.

We then came back, drank beer, and watched TV and then I went to sleep.

the end
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