crushkilldestroy (redelephant) wrote,

Now showing on MTV2!

I watch a lot of M2. I admit it. But I'm glad I do. You know why? Because it's introduced me to two bands that are all the rage these days that just plain fucking suck.

Case(s) in point: the Strokes ("Hi, we think we're the Stones...or the Stooges!" I expect the singer to go down on David Bowie within the next few months when their hit song stops being so popular as a publicity stunt to prove "I REALLY AM THE NEXT MICK JAGGER!") and Ryan Adams (thank God I filmed my video in a city where two days later 6,000 people were killed! That really boosted my career!" And the type of shit music he's recycling was never even good when it first came out.)

But on the good side of the new MTV "underground" spectrum, are Dilated Peoples. One of the best hip hop groups I've heard in awhile. Thank you, MTV, for providing a beacon of light in a sea of your own steaming brown shit.
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