December 18th, 2000


I got dumped for someone that bares an uncanny resemblance to a Goth Jeff Goldblum with an afro.
No offense or anything, Jeff Goldblum is a pretty good looking guy. I'd do him. And now I can see why Cara would too.

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    At the Drive-In: Vaya

And now Jeff Goldblum is on tv...

I wish Cara would come home, but I have a feeling she isn't going to. I have so much to say to her, and so little time to do it.

Whenever she gets home, I just turn into a total idiot, and just repeat the same questions over and over again.

I guess that's why I like LiveJournal so much. It gives me a chance to vent, and she reads it. So she'll find out soon anyhow.

I wish she could at least sleep here tonight. I need her here.

This place has been my home for a little over a year now. I've had some good times, I've had some bad times. But I'm going to miss them both.

I think I've at least gotten to the point of acceptance...