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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Monday, December 25th, 2000
I have fucked my last chance to be happy. Two nights in a row. One with false happiness, the other with false angryness.

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I got arrested for assualt. Let's see if the charges stick, and let's hope the assault on an officer charges stick. Marry X-Mas!

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SOme fuckhead was just trying to read my journal over my shoulder

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Fuck Christmas. I'm not eating. I took a paxal, but I still feel like shit. I don't feel like eating, I feel like choking on my own bile. Merry Chrismas to me.

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I ate a roll, and that's it. It almost made me vomit. There's something wrong with me.

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5:58p - And now I'm hungry...
I feel better now. Rad.

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haha, both this episode of Martin and this episode of the Wayan's brother are about psycho santa's taking hostages.

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