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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Thursday, December 28th, 2000
12:39p - HAHAHAHA
I was just reading a certain someone's Livejournal, and noticed that they listed one of their interests as "leather pants". That's not even gay in a cool Erasure kind of way, it's more gay in a "That Guy From Spin City That Pretends To Be Gay" kind of way. Seriously, dude. It's ok, come out of the closet. We've been waiting for years. Even though I've only known you for a month...

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3:07p - I am a Cusackian
"This guy Jason may be a real brain and all, but can he do THIS?! *attempts to juggle three beercans, ends up smashing one on head and passing out*" That's an EXACT Cusack quote!

From the Sure Thing

Am I the lost Cusack?

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figured out how to Play the Pixies-Gigantic and Offspring-The Kids Aren't All Right today. Yay.

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True love cannot be found where it does not truely exist, nor can it be hidden where it does.

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