March 2nd, 2001


Last night was Rainer Maria/Mike Kinsella/the Dimes.

The Dimes were ok, but nothing special. Mike Kinsella fucking blew. That's the first project I've heard from the Kinsella's that I didn't like. He had a CD player with his drum and bass tracks pre-recorded on it, and he just played his guitar and sang over the CD. Rainer Maria was AMAZING. The guitarist guy went absolutely spastic on stage dancing around flailing his head like his head wasn't connected to his spine. It was pretty cool, though.

The night before was Bright Eyes/Crooked Fingers/Azure Ray.

All three bands blew me the fuck away. It was amazing. Azure Ray had the singer from Bright Eyes as well as the singer from Crooked Fingers help them out by chipping in their talents on a few songs. Two girl singers, mostly acoustic pretty music. Cool stuff. Crooked Fingers rocked. I was excited to see them because they have Eric Bachman from Archers of Loaf. Cool stuff. I liked them a lot. Then came the band I was most excited to see: Bright Eyes. It was pretty awesome. The girls from Azure Ray both played keyboard and guitar on some songs. On a few songs, they had three keyboardists. That was pretty cool...

I missed Wesley Willis, though. Shucks.
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