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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Thursday, May 17th, 2001
jesus christ. why in the fuck can't i sleep anymore?

current mood: tired

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and on a side note, I was confused with Abe last night. (he must be the sexy one everyone remembers his name)
by some idiot girl who assumed I was a nazi because I had a shaved head and white laces at the time.
and on another side note, Converse COME WITH WHITE LACES!

Abe, if you read this, you'd remember this girl. she was either james potter's girlfriend or joe deschute's..

current mood: pissed

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I remember this one episode of Friends where Ross could only get back together with Emily if he ceased all contact with Rachel and at first he agreed and then he decided that he cared about Rachel too much.

But anyway, you can't cease contact with me, I want my god damned VCR back.

current mood: moody

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fuck, when they repaired my mom's car's hook, they left a shit ton of overspray on the door.

maybe I should apply at another body shop...

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I used to pretend that I was going to kill myself, knowing that I never would. Just for attention. And I HATED those kids when *I* was happy. So now I just put on my happy go lucky Jesse facade, and go about my daily routine.

Oh, and I woke up to hear a female fronted REM cover. that is the only reason I woke up so early. Why it took me so long to actually listen to it after waking up, I will never know.

current mood: happy

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Any attractive females in the Portland metro area need a boyfriend?

current mood: hopeful

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2:47p - god to me is a dinner prayer, beating a child with a diningroom chair...
I'm going to become a priest.

and everything is better with ranch.

current mood: holy

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