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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Wednesday, May 30th, 2001
10:01a - I went to a party last saturday night, I didn't get laid, I got in a fight, uh huh, it ain't no big thing...
I wanted to start an indie-pop band, but the Grumpies have helped me realize how pussy that shit is. Lita Ford should be envious that they cover her so well.

current mood: fucking great

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So, um. Billy Corgan just joined New Order. Now tell me that they're better than Erasure, Chad. Come on, I dare you. I hope to god the other members of Joy Division are pissed.

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And when they brought me here, I kicked and shout, I blamed my mom for putting out.

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to the person who cannot spell this word...

it's "hypocrisy".


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it's a little odd not even having a crush on anyone.

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