July 20th, 2001

say so long, good night

it's funny
i chose this song without thinking
i put it on the tape i made her years ago
I was just kind of thinking about how break ups are like saying goodnight on a first date
but i forgot this was one of the songs on her tape
that i made her
because i fucked things up
the same way i fucked things up now
I'm taking Damir's advice
but i can't say what it is
it'll seem pathetic to everyone
but i don't care
i think all guys would understand
last night was the last time i do "that thing"
  • Current Music
    The Get Up Kids - Long Goodnight

(no subject)

it's times like this
that i don't know how i am ever going to get through this
i can't drink away the horrible thoughts in my head anymore
how do you get rid of them otherwise?

Breathing Fine, a song by Jesse

Bleed into my arms
and I'll hold you
until the sunrise
breathe into my lungs
and i'll taste your sweet breath

please don't hate me
if i leave you
before the sunrise

bleed into my arms
and i'll hold you
in the lime light
breathe into my lungs
and i'll taste my own breath