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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Wednesday, August 1st, 2001
is there some kind of pill that they can give you to stop you from going insane?
anti-depressants haven't worked thus far.
alcohol only makes things worse

i guess when the only person you've ever been in love with
messes around with you
and then talks shit to her boyfriend about you to make everything ok
it doesn't really help much either
i'm probably officially off the deep end
and i think i've forgotten how to swim

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10:27a - and also...
Why is it Cara bans me from posting on her journal when all I said was "I'm glad your mom's ok, I told you she would be"?
I think your moronic boyfriend is already pretty aware we've talked recently.
Maybe I've given up on trying to get you back, and now I kind of want to let you know how I really feel about you....But I'll refrain, I'm a pretty nice guy.
I like how you read my journal daily, and told me about your new one, but didn't add me as a friend so your boyfriend wouldn't get mad.
Grow up, Cara. You're in love with me one minute, and hate me the next. And I haven't done shit to deserve the way you treat me. Go ahead and continue the stories you tell of me trying to "manipulate" you. When you know you're always the person to initiate everything.

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I love my job.
And Damir is a cool guy.
But he's harrassing this girl I ONCE said was cute,
and trying to get her to go out with me
I'm going to get fired for sexual harrassment
though i never said a thing

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3:54p - all I can say is...

current mood: tomorrow!

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