August 8th, 2001

If you don't want me to tell people they are fat....

Then don't tell me they are fat. (how else would I know someone I never met or have seen is fat?)
I never claimed to have a problem with fat people.
I love them!
If someone wants to personally attack me, I will follow in suit. I could've picked Donny's heart felt journal entries and made fun of him about them. But I read them and realized that some seriously traumatic shit has happened to him, and if I talked shit about THAT, it would've been horrible. But he didn't seem to care when it involved MY shit. SO fuck it. You're all a bunch of heartless assholes.
And banning people from your journal is so fucking infantile it makes me want to vomit. If you don't want the indescrepancies and falsities of your shit to be handed to you on a silver fucking platter, then don't fucking bother.
Oh, and to Toma and everyone else, I don't ever use the spell check.


Tomaelias: but she is concerned about me, not you.
XXXindyXXX: maybe this will teach her not to fuck with people's emotions.
XXXindyXXX: I know
XXXindyXXX: and that's ok
Tomaelias: dont think she gives a fuck about you. so get over it.
XXXindyXXX: because you're dumb, so I don't care.
XXXindyXXX: at least Jason was smart
Tomaelias: if thats how you need to deal with it. Just think of me as a retard, I dont care. Do what ever you need to do
XXXindyXXX: everyone thinks of you as a retard.
XXXindyXXX: everyone but Cara and Sarah, and perhaps yourself.
XXXindyXXX: go on wallowing in your 15 brain cells and drown in them.
XXXindyXXX: I'm done with you all. have fun trying to be intellectual.

I hate to quote things again, because it could fuel the fire of hatred!

"I've built this wall around my heart, to shut you out I've played my part. in this game that I thought was real. In this hate that I now feel. And if I ever fall again, will I just turn to the wind? Or let it cry away with pain. or let it suffer in the same, cold dark place inside my mind, will keep me safe and far behind, so you can never hurt me again (i'm on my knees)."

Boy Sets Fire are so damned great.