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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Friday, August 17th, 2001
11:18a - as long as it's talking with you, talk of the weather will do...
why the fuck did I have a dream about Cara, Sarah, my roomate John, a 1993 BMW 4 door sedan, the up and coming Death Cab for Cutie album and my pager that I lost about 6 months ago?
it wasn't really a romantic dream. actually it involved me throwing my pager at the BMW that someone(s) was(were) in.
maybe somewhere deep down inside I have this emotion that I thought I let go of about a month ago.
love? rage? fuck if I know.
Cara made me feel about 56 different emotions that I'd never felt before.
not that I'm angry with her about it, it's just the truth.
it was a learning experience, I guess. it made me learn how good of a person (and how bad of a person) I can be.
probably for the both of us.
but these days her and I don't talk or hang out.
and that's ok.
I had a good time with her, and I know at times she had a good time with me.
all's well that ends well.
wait, it didn't end well.
oh well!

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12:15p - I just got to hear the best hold music, here's a little sample of the goods..
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me,
don't hurt me...
no more

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1:55p - damnit
upon browsing through the Mercury Personals section that has the "secret crush" type section that I always look through to find if someone has a crush on me, I found something that upset, nay, pissed me the fuck off.
Someone posted one to Cara's stupid ex-boyfriend the tattoo artist.
Damnit, ladies! The life of a market researcher is cool, too!
Today I get to piss in a cup!
And I get PAID for it!
Shit, I'd do that for free.
And no, pissing has nothing to do with "market research".

current mood: pissed/stoked to piss

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um, my work kind of "forgot" to pay me for the last two weeks.
I'm really fucking pissed.
I'd quit if I didn't get paid so much and have a pretty damned awesome job.
I was going to get my car fixed this weekend, do laundry, hang out with a friend somewhere tomorrow, and do something else sunday.
Now, unless they find it tomorrow, which I DOUBT, because none of MY supervisors will be here.
I thought maybe they hadn't handed them out yet, but everyone else got their's in the morning.
I'm so fucking pissed.

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7:30p - odd
I'm starting to kind of like the girl from work that I always hated (not "like" just like). If you overlook the fact she always begs for change and gum, she's an absolute Jesus freak, is stupid, and speaks in an annoying fake southern accent when talking to people in the deep south, thinks she knows it all just because she's a trainer (who taught me basically nothing of importance to my job) she's pretty nice.
And almost fun to talk to at times.
It takes all kinds, my friend. It takes all kinds.
Hopefully tonight I'll have more violent dreams (not that I harmed anyone, I just broke shit) and wake up with a big fucking grin on my face.
hot damn!

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MTV just played a great video
Suicidal Tendancies-Insitutionalized.

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Jesus, I think my favorite song ever is a newschool offspring song.

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the wind is blowing like it's the end of the world, you said.

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