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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Tuesday, August 21st, 2001
5:15p - In general...
I'm happy.
But I miss a lot of people in my life that used to be my best friends.
Below is a list of those that I miss...
Some of which are my fault for not seeing them anymore, some are not.
Caleb (whom I sometimes see)
and yes, even Cara (solely as a friend).
I'm getting lonely.

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6:23p - Oddly...
I now work with my old friend Heather.
I noticed that Angela was training someone new...
And Heather came up and said "hey sexy".
Which at first confused me because I haven't seen her in ages, and she looks a lot different now.
I guess I told her about the job,
though I do not recall doing so.
But I'm excited anyway.
I guess they're hiring more temps, too.
I hope that I don't get asked to do any training,
because I'm so damned shy.

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6:59p - Sleep long, sleep well, only to awake in Hell...
I like this band again...
Well, a few songs.
It makes me feel 16 again

current mood: confused

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