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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001
11:32a - I was hoping the depression from last night would go away when the booze wore off...
I had a long walk last night.
I stopped by a couple bars to make the walk a little more interesting.
It didn't help.
I wasn't really drunk or anything.
But I was a little.

I was going to send an email last night, but luckily I was too tired.
It wasn't anything that horrible, it was just going to be to someone I don't really want to talk to.
It wasn't going to be a "I LOVE YOU!" email or anything.
It was going to be more a plea for advice.
And this person is the last person I should be taking advice from.

And aforementioned depression has carried on to this morning.

What will make me happy? Well, basically nothing.

current mood: FUCKING GREAT!

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11:45a - he always pulls through for me!
tightandwet-cwunph@i... I told you I'd get her on tape, bro!, xttcet Oct 2 2k

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For some reason there's balloons tied in between my cubicle and the empty one next to me and I am just noticing this. What the fuck is up with that?

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3:36p - I wish that when my pops got that erection, he would've used protection...
I tried to be nice to her one more time.
And she was a fucking jerk.
So fuck it.
It's over.
Goodnight to a long period of my life when I actually cared about her.

I'm so happy we broke up.
Let someone else deal with her jackassedry.
Let her get drunk and punch him in the face instead of me.

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