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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Saturday, October 13th, 2001
8:41a - is she weird? is she over me? like the stars, and the sun. like the stars and the sun.
Last night was full of more than just your average share of oddities.
And not just because I hung out with these two twin brothers I used to be best friends with in grade school.
I was hitting it off with one of their hot friends.
And she invited me over to her house.
And then BAM! She was gone.
I was left crying.
Also, my alarm did NOT go off this morning.
And I checked, it was set, volume up.
But it fucking didn't go off.
Fucking bastards.

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fuck. shit. kill.

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This girl I work with is best friends with this girl I dated for awhile, and she almost mentioned this girl's ex-boyfriend, and was like "oh, wait...sorry".

Like I care. :D

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12:00p - so young, so full of hate...
I honestly only hate one person.
Not only for the fact that they've hurt me,
but because they're ugly and stupid.
Fuck the cheating on me.
Fuck the hitting me in a drunken rage accusing me of shit I never really did.
Fuck the fact that they dumped me for someone who can barely speak english.
This person kind of looks like a horse, and she's an idiot. And heartless. And at times I almost wish I did have sex with the person that she thought I did.
Well, not really.
And I don't hate her, I'm just jealous she moved on in a different way than I did. She fell in love, I fell out of love.
Boo fucking hoo.
Can I go on 5 minutes without being a walking contradiction of myself?

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