November 5th, 2001

I Want My MTV!

XXXindyXXX: that little faggot is a millionare!
xwhenliesdividex: who
XXXindyXXX: oh, man!
XXXindyXXX: you ARE young
XXXindyXXX: that's Dire Straits lyrics
xwhenliesdividex: i AM young.
XXXindyXXX: "Money For Nothin', Get Your Chicks For Free"
xwhenliesdividex: oh
xwhenliesdividex: ok that i know.
XXXindyXXX: it just cracks me up every time he says "that little faggot is a millionare"
xwhenliesdividex: ha.
XXXindyXXX: MTV has all these "stop the hate" shows
xwhenliesdividex: now?
XXXindyXXX: but the song they adopted as their "theme song" back in the 80's said "faggot" like 3 times
xwhenliesdividex: hahaha.
xwhenliesdividex: can you write that on your livejournal please?
XXXindyXXX: sure!
xwhenliesdividex: THANK you