December 25th, 2001

The Early Morning Adventures of the Christ-mas Leprechaun

The Christ-mas Leprechaun woke up right on time for his early morning forty five minute skateboarding adventure on Santee Claus' birthday morning.

He had only slept for an hour the night before, after celebrating an anti-Christ-mas party with his fellow Leprechaun's. He decided "Golly, since I've only slept one single hour, I might as well take myself an iced ale for the jolly old ride home!".

And thus he did. And thus he drank. And when it came time for him to partake in a pre-rolled tobacco product, he found himself without a source with which to spark a flame. He went to the local Seven Eleven., without a dime on his person, and asked the kind shop-keep for a single solitary book of matches. The shop-keep insisted that the Christ-mas Leprechaun purchase an item before receiving a complementary book of matches. To which the Christ-mas Leprechaun replied "Don't you know, my good fellow, it's Santee Claus' birthday?".

The shop-keep did not appear to be persuaded at what the Christmas Leprechaun had told him. So the Christ-mas Leprechaun continued on his merry old journey home. On his way to his place of dwelling,, he noticed a loaf of bread strewn about his neighbor's lawn. What a marvelous gift to give to our Lord and Savior, Santee Claus, on his birthday that the Christ-mas Leprechaun's neighbors had given to Him!
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More lyrics that I like...

discard this message, throw this bottle back into the ocean, rip this page from the history books, smash all the street signs, erase all the maps, forget my name, forget my face, because it's gonna rain, and it never ends
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Pretending you're somewhere and someone you're not helps you sleep when you suffer from insomnia. Eventually your fabricated story gets so intricate that you doze off and forget what you were pretending and it all stops making sense.