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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Saturday, January 19th, 2002
8:31a - I could spit on a stranger
I had a pretty ass-kickingly good time last night for not getting ass-slappingly drunk or getting to flirt with any hotties.

I met Kerry at the Milwako Bell (I call it this because it's like no other Taco Bell on fucking EARTH, I swear it's a fucking space ship. AND IT WAS MORE FULL THAN MOST OF THE BARS I HIT UP LAST NIGHT. Creepy, Milwaukie-style.) , had some shitty food. Then headed off to Vic's.

The usual drunken Milwaukie crowd. Split a couple pitchers with Kerry there, then ran into Josh and his brother Caleb. Josh is the drummer for my new band that may or may not have a name. If so I can't remember. Shot the proverbial shit with them for awhile, then Kerry and I bid them farewell and hopped on the 33 to downtown (the real downtown, as in downtown Portland).

While on the bus, I overheard some girls that couldn't have been older than 14 talking about scoring some meth. These are the future leaders of our world, folks. I figure by the year 2012 our president will be "Whiskey Bob".

"I admit, I did get loaded before this debate. But that does not affect my ability to lead the American people. TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!". He'd have my vote.

We then headed to the Yamhill Pub, which I'd never been a patron of, so I was moderately excited. And when I got in...HUGE FUCKING PITCHERS OF PBR! $5! Somewhere cheap downtown! Finally! There were some crusty punk kids (one was named Skunk, I believe...his girlfriend was cute, though she also probably has scabies) and some hippies. There were some harsh words over choice in jukebox music that may or may not have been in jest. But the fat hippie dude bought the punk kids a pitcher before leaving. Yay fat hippie dude!

Then some hotties walked in, sang along to some Danzig, drank half of their drinks and left.

After two pitchers there we headed over to that place next to Berbati's that has good pizza, and got a slice of pizza and beer there. It also was cheap as hell there.

Then back to the Yamhill for one more PBR, where the bartender asked Kerry if he had been the guy who had broken his skateboard, because I had one and he didn't. I think I was like "uuuuh" and then Kerry said something, and I was like "yuuuuuh".

Then I took the bus home, reading the parts of the Mercury I had shoved down my pants earlier that evening.

I then got home, read for an hour or so, then went to sleep.

I woke up at 7 this morning screaming like Sloth from the Goonies as I often do after nightmares.


It really sucked, I haven't done that sleeping alone since when I was a kid. I kind of miss having someone to wake me up and say "it's ok, it was just a dream". Luckily I've neevr done that the first time I slept next to someone. They'd probably bust out a taser on me.

I'm sticking to short entries and being a Quizmaster from now on.

current mood: gladly, not hungover

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9:27p - this song reminds me of someone...

Album: United By Fate
Track: Used For Glue
Guest Artists: None


Days of the conflicts youve been in
Traces of conscience you dont want to hear
You hear it now
You listen, hear a sound
You missed it
Taken by conscience or taken by guilt
You live in the problems you decided to build
You hear it now
You listen and hear a sound that cant be still
The blame is found, you got it
Rode when she was new
But wasnt told when she was through
Dazed for time you were into
Praise from the crowd that you wanted to fool
You call them now, theyre waiting
To hear a sound that cant be still
The blame is found, you got it
Rode when she was new but wasnt told when she was through

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