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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Friday, February 8th, 2002
2:22p - Disclaimer: THIS IS A DREAM, NOT A TRUE STORY
I had quite an odd dream last night. A carload of people (in my car, so obviously that's a lot of people) drove to Las Vegas. The people were as follows: Myself, Abe, Joe, Sarah, Caleb, Cara (we must've been friends in this dream), Kerry and a made up girl named Kim. Kim was a cute, medium height petite Asian girl who worked at a comic book store her dad owned. While at a Casino, Kim and I went off to a corner and starting talking. Then we kissed. Not like make-out kiss. But an obvious "I like you" kiss.

We gambled for awhile, then started driving home. Cara started talking about her boyfriend, except his name was Whitney or something.

When we got home, I converted the shed in my parent's shed into a new room for me. It rocked. It was like a small studio apartment. So we all hung out there for awhile, then I decided "ROAD TRIP TO SEATTLE!" so all the same people went there, only this time when I tried to kiss "Kim" she kind of brushed me off. So that kind of ruined my trip.

Then I went back to my shed/apartment thing. And decided "ANOTHER ROADTRIP! THIS TIME TO ASTORIA!" But this time it was just going to be Kerry, Steve and me. But before leaving I decided to visit "Kim" at the comic shop. I was like "I'm leaving for Astoria for a few days, I thought I'd tell you." And then she like kissed me, and I was stoked. I had a girlfriend. Horray.

Then we went to Astoria, and hung out at a few bars. The next morning we went to a pizza and beer place. I only had 15 dollars in my savings, so I needed a bank machine that'd let you take out fives. I found one. While taking out my money, I saw a local "music" paper that looked pretty cool, so I picked one up. Some punkish looking girl came up and started talking about how "that's just about fuckin' coffeehouse rock, man! I hate this town, there's no scene!" And I was like "WHO NEEDS MUSIC, YOU GOT THE GOONIES HOUSE!"

Then I was like "Well, this town has an all right scene for being a coastal town, really. But yeah, I live in the town with the biggest scene in Oregon, so I feel for you." And she was like "oh, Corvallis?". And I just looked at her weird and she was like "Troutdale? St. Helen's?"

Sadly, I then woke up...


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3:41p - If this band actually gets shows...
I'm going to write a song with my phone number in it, that way if a girl thinks I'm cute at a show she can call me.

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