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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
So last night at Vic's, I'm sitting at this table full of strangers, and hot as women (and two nappy strippers) and this really hot girl, so she goes and sits with the asshole fighting guy and some other chick at the main table. I get tired of the strippers flirting with me and move over there. I go talk to the asshole g uy for awhile, and the non-hot girl is claiming I'm trying to fuck her friend, I glance over and realize "Oh, shit, the ugly girl is a GUY IN DRAG!" So I play along, and I was like, "you're two fine ladies". I get the guy/girl to buy me a couple drinks and shit. He offered to give me a ride home to my house, or to his house and if I went to his house he'd give me booze and blow me. Of course I went home. Well, I drove his car to my house anyway.


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3:43p - I am so helpful
[15:39] [RussiaBV] I really wouldn't know where the clit was
[DirtTaco] the clit is located six inches into the anus

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5:42p - Two top rape current celebrities passed away today :(
RIP Milton Berle and Dudley Moore, you will be missed by your fans and your family. Er, well at least your family.

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11:57p - pussy ain't nothin' but meat on a bone suck it or fuck it or leave it alone..
I truely am wasting my sexual prime.

current mood: pathetic

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