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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Saturday, April 20th, 2002
11:10a - I heard your voice on my stereo lost into the night
I had an extremely odd dream, though it did involve someone I've sort of dated within the past year and me getting in a small car crash, it was a happy dream. It involved lyrics that aren't even part of any song, and shouldn't be, anyway. "Searching for heaven and you search for the sun, searching for pleasure and you're looking for fun". Bad lyrics, I know. But I cannot control my dreams!

As I left Kerry's this morning, the neighbor kid was singing "BAWIDDABAW" and his dad was screaming something. That was a little distburbing.

current mood: Fantastic

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Lead singer of popular 90's Seattle grunge band found dead in his house in Seattle, been dead for days. Come on, Alice in Chains guy, try something original.

xxwhendovescryxx: Police: We did not recognize the deceased.
xxwhendovescryxx: Reporter: That decomposed?
xxwhendovescryxx: Cop: We just forgot who he was
xxwhendovescryxx: I sincerely hope Chris Cornell is next
xxwhendovescryxx: 'Ultimate Manilow' on CBS in May
xxwhendovescryxx: it's debatable which is bigger news

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4:54p - It's so good to see you here in Paris...
I just made a screwdriver, I drank it and now I wish that I hadn't. I'm not even buzzed, it was weak. But it's so beautiful and I wasted the whole day, I wish I could drive somewhere. Damnit. THINK BEFORE YOU DRINK!

I'm now stuck here, unless I wanna take the bus. Or wait a few hours, then it'll be night.

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6:17p - this is the same guy


Which is cuter?.

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