May 5th, 2002

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The Vita Cafe is so good.

The Hot and Sour Coconut Soup is the best thing I've had yet. It comes with this "dope ass" bread, but I forgot what was in it. There were all these sXe kids there, I wanted to reccomend the brown ale.
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X-Ray of an empty heart...

I wrote a song called that today, it's cheesy sounding, sure. I was going to call it "Cardiogram of an Empty Heart", but people would just be all "huh"? It's not emo, well, at least the bassline isn't. Who knows how it will eventually sound.

And also, we are starting a kickball club, none of you are invited to join, just thought I'd let you know. Unless you ask me, then you can.

And I give no mercy.
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