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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Tuesday, June 4th, 2002

You are Melissa Etheridge!

You are natural and down-to-earth, what you see is what you get.
You don't pull any punches, and your honesty and integrety shine
through in every thing you do. People value your straightforward
manner and mellow attitude.

Take the "Which Empowered Female Artist Are You" Quiz
made by liberalfaerie and violatedjoy

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Sleeping alone sucks.

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Pork-busters oinked Tuesday at a federal expenditure of $273,000 in western Missouri to combat Goth culture.

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9:23p - well I'd suspect, you would find the charm in my hand, my eyes reflect your surface very well...
Malt liquor kind of tastes like piss, which would explain why after just a few drinks out of the 40 bottle you have to pee. It's like a bladder laxative.

Other than having to pee, all is well.

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10:40p - when I was sixteen, all that I wanted was pretty and clean, now I know what it's like to have sex, I wanna see something I've never seen
I'm really bored, should I drink now or wait and take my chances and leave when my mom gets home and drink at Caleb's?

I don't plan on getting loaded, but I do plan on drinking more than the safe driving level.

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Restraint from jealousy is crucial.

Jealousy fucks up everything.

I would know.

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