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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
12:00a - and I dream to heal your wounds, but I bleed myself.
I just talked to an ex-coworker, the womazing asshole Damir. He went to jail. When I asked what he did he said it was because of his girlfriend who is "pregnant" with his "little bastard". He also fucked her sister after they broke up...

I think I'm angry enough with his fucking chauvinistic ass that I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I kind of want to kick the living shit out of him.

him: still thats not where a pretty boy like me belong
him: even the pigs said so
him: hehehehee
me: did you get fucked in the ass?
him: they were like what are u doin here
him: hehehe
me: so you did get assfucked?

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I feel like sticking my fingers into my eye sockets.

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this NYPD Blue hits a little too close to home. Bobby is in the hospital with an inflamation in his heart, and Diane is there with him, and this has happened to me and wow.

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I like my new Yo-Yo.

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This still pisses me off.

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I just got stung by a bee on the fucking head.

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maybe you try to be pretty instead of kind?

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