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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
12:07a - I have no lips I have no tongue...
I'm not really sad anymore, a little let down...

But not sad.

Tired. Not sad. Disappointed. Not sad.

current mood: not sad

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9:23a - Wheelin' 23rd, we saw nothin' but thugs, the girlies were too skinny from smokin' all them drugs, 'c
I like listening to old Sir Mix A Lot, because when he talks about rollin' down shitty areas of Seattle, sometimes I know where he's talking about.

It's like "fuck yeah, Martin Luther King...I've been there".

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The Dashboard Confessional guy needs to be raped by bikers.

I would pay to see a video of him being fisted by Hell's Angels.

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If anyone ever asks me to unhook their bra for them again, I'm going to be cool like Detective James Martinez and say "is that a front loader or a back loader?".

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