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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Saturday, September 7th, 2002
8:10a - the only reason I still IRC...
[manwith] ass stuff suckss
[manwith] and mena who love doing it too woman so much are mesed up
[manwith] you are the fucking faggot if you like anal sex, even with women.
[skinfeast] did I ever say I wasn't?
[manwith] ahahahahhahahahahahhhhhh u admit u are gay
[manwith] stic with the pussy dumbasds
[manwith] i bet uor the same kin of faggot who hates eating pussy
[mandapunk] pussy eating is yummy
[skinfeast] of course it is.
[skinfeast] but because I've stuck my dick in a girl's ass 1 time for every 100 I've stuck it in a vagina, manwith thinks I'm gay.
[manwith] gay is for losers
[skinfeast] manwith is having bad memories of uncle al's unlubed rubber glove bursting his colon.
[manwith] WHAT
[manwith] u are gay i knew it
[manwith] fagot
[manwith] and rimjobs are the gayestthing ever to give or get
[skinfeast] How is a man doing anything to a woman gay?
[skinfeast] Or a woman doing anything to a man?
[skinfeast] That is inherently HETEROSEXUAL
[skinfeast] BY DEFINITION
[manwith] i like puss and thats it
[manwith] i dont like as and thats it
[manwith] i like the ass cheeks of agirl
[skinfeast] I have an odd feeling manwith is 13 years old.
[mandapunk] or married to an old hag
[manwith] ick
[manwith] olf womanare gross
[skinfeast] I've never meant an Olf.
[skinfeast] What celebrity most resembles an Olf?
[manwith] what is an olf
[skinfeast] Do Olf women live in caves, or adobes?
[manwith] i would fuck a women i nteh ass if she relaly liked it
[manwith] liekd it more than normal sex
[skinfeast] Damn
[skinfeast] THAT'S GAY
[skinfeast] Dude, I was just fucking with you the whole time, I don't like anal sex. You're a fucking queer.

[manwith] you are probably in the vampires you fag
[skinfeast] I wish that made sense.
[skinfeast] So I could make fun of him about it.
[manwith] they hide under bridgews
[manwith] and act gay
[skinfeast] Oh, you mean trolls?
[skinfeast] NONE SHALL PASS! and shit?

[manwith] All I want is to have my peace of mind.
[manwith] thats a good song
[skinfeast] All you want is a big fat piece of man-ass.
[manwith] im not even gona res pond b ecause you will just say something gayer
[skinfeast] I have a cock in my mouth right now
[skinfeast] I'm not even joking
[manwith] dude
[manwith] i dont want to h ear about that sh it
[manwith] god damn it
[skinfeast] his balls are slapping against my chin. he's standing on my desk.
[skinfeast] ok, i'm done. well, he is anyway.
[skinfeast] anyone got a napkin?

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Bats have big cocks for their size.

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