October 3rd, 2002

Yes, the current music is on purpose...

I should petition the UN for my own military.

I have some shit I want to overthrow.

Also, I had a dream about Morrissey, which was followed by a dream in which someone we suggest we walked to Lyle's house.

Also I was thinking...It'd be pretty funny to slip viagra into someone's drink at a bicycle race, when they'd be wearing one of those pairs of tight bicycle shorts.

Somehow that was gayer than my last entry...

And also, happy birthday to Clare!

And in case you don't read George's journal, you can read a really funny story about Saddam's people suggesting a duel with Dubya here.
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(no subject)

I was outside of this store that I heard was hiring, and this big guy's out there asking for donations to battered women's shelters. Hey, that's a great as of a cause as any, but I'm going in this store to apply...THIS 99 CENT STORE to apply for a job. I obviously have no money. I'm not saying I can't afford It...I LITERALLY DON'T HAVE A DOLLAR. I have some beercans at home...I should bring them back to him.

He basically was one step away from calling me a wifebeater.

I wasn't really going into the store to get an application, though. I was actually going in there because of the hot girl that I saw working there ONCE and never saw again, and I'm trying to figure out if I'm just losing my mind.

I did notice they were hiring, and did apply, though.
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(no subject)

I see this band going somewhere.

You won't find this anywhere because some guy I know online is going to promote this album and these are just raw mixes, but they're really good. Keep an eye out, though.

Not at all what I've been into lately, but good enough that I can appreciate it a lot for what it is. Pretty damned good.

You can get a very little bit of info here. Or maybe some at the indiepress main site. There's a good HWM mp3 there, too. I don't know where it's from as I've not been following them for some time now.

And on another note my computer fan is starting to sound like a chainsaw with a silencer.
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