October 7th, 2002

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Damnit, I had something to say on someone's journal but I found out I was BANNED from it.

It was going to be nice, too. And no it wasn't a girl.

And though I am FAR from an expert on the oldschool Portland scene as far as music I listen to now, I WAS AT LEAST around for the oldschool (90's) Portland punk scene. So Mercury writers, whatever 'Zine of the Month Writers in Portland transplant fucks. Fuck you. Shut the fuck up.

Take your Operacycle and your 31 Knots and shove them so far up your ass they reverse digest and you choke to death on them. Fuck you. Fuck you and die.

And yes, my current music listing was on purpose.
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    Berzerk - Nothing Means Nothing

(no subject)

I just found out something odd and somewhat disturbing and I don't know how to feel about it.

Nothing groundbreaking or mindblowing, just a tad bit surprising.

I want to get my new "band idea" started. The only song I've written so far for the band is "The Destruction of All We Once Held True". It's a really poppy keyboard driven song, I need to teach the keyboardist it. I'm sure she could play it. It sounds hardcore, but it's not.
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    Team Dresch - She's Amazing