February 14th, 2003

Went to bed, but I'm not ready, baby I've been fucked already

Dating someone you rarely talk to is insanely odd.

Having fucked several people in the bed at your parent's house is pathetic.

I've had sex with more people in that bed than my own bed that resides in my parent's garage.

After reading Caleb's latest entry with which I whole heartedly agreed with him on that one, I wish that I had things more insightful to say. I'm just self absorbed. I rarely have anything to say on my journal other than random thoughts and/or things to piss people off. I'm not as angry and bitter as I come off to be.

I look at this whole public journal thing as more of a place for me to vent my own personal frustrations, not a place for me to get people involved in my own personal political beliefs.

So let me get this out of the way...

I hate polution.

I hate fake vegetarians.

I hate our president.

I am against war with Iraq, and war in general other than in very rare and dire circumstances.

I am very for selective taxation, where one can choose where their tax dollars go to so their hard earned dollars can go to causes they care about. Though I agree there should be an equal percentage of taxation based on income.

I am strongly pro-choice. I believe in a woman's right to choose. I don't think "but she said she was on the pill" is a valid defense to get out of your moral obligation to do what is right as a man if you knock someone up.

I very rarely am for the death penalty, and can name only 4 cases where it was a fitting punishment.

I am for affirmative action.

I am an atheist.

From now on my journal will not be about anything other than my personal problems, sorry if that's boring to you.

I didn't create this journal for anyone other than myself.
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