February 27th, 2004

I'm pretty funny sometimes.

Xchristpuncher: I'm basically just open to the fact I MIGHT fall in love with a man
Xchristpuncher: and I don't find that gross at all
Xchristpuncher: if I loved a man enough I'd suck his wang
q not you: thats really nice to hear you say.
q not you: except i cant hear you and you didnt say it.
Xchristpuncher: I screamed it!
Xchristpuncher: while typing it!
q not you: i didnt hear it!
Xchristpuncher: my dad did
Xchristpuncher: and now he's crying
Xchristpuncher: and I'm fairly certain the person I DO choose to spend the rest of my life with will be a woman
Xchristpuncher: or some form of goat.
q not you: what about a sheep?
Xchristpuncher: that's fucking sick, dude.
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