March 26th, 2004

this tooth is rotten yank it out, your words are cancer in my mouth.

I have a lot of emails from ex girlfriends telling me to basically fuck off and get over them.

Tonight, I deleted this email. Some of it was really fucking depressing.


"You know, there is nothing I can do if I no longer have feelings for you. Yes, I miss things we used to do and the way we used to be. But unfortunetely, that was 2 years ago. We've changed. I've changed a lot. I have gained a lot of respect for myself. I feel that I deserve respect. I've never found that with you. Ever. Even to this day. Lying to me."

Erm, maybe I'm an asshole...BUT AT THAT POINT IT HAD NOT BEEN TWO YEARS! OR EVEN ONE! WHAT THE FUCK? From now on start telling your ex's "man, that was thirty years ago when we...".

Gah, anyway. Extremely sorry I kind of wandered off on you, if you're Carrie.

If you're anyone else, deal with it, buttholes.
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