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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Saturday, October 16th, 2004
i have realized one thing today, it's that punk rock is the very best music to listen to when you don't want to get a tattoo today.

especially songs about rimjobs.

rimjobs are really the punkest thing ever.

wrapping your lips around a butthole is so punk.

but probably not very healthy.

god, i love FYP.

even though 'suck my ass' was written by sheep squeeze, the fyp version is better.

i should start listening to more punk, because it's so easy to play power chords.

and being drunk and crazy is more acceptable when it's in the name of punk rock.

also, 'mate like porcupines' is a good fyp song.

piss sex is pretty punk rock, too.

tattoo in two hours and fifteen minutes.

god, as much as it doesn't hurt, i hate getting tattoos.

because it's boring, and irritating.

and itches.

on a side note, i won't write a song about you when i break my heart.

wah wah gay wad.

also, some guy i used to be wonderful friends with is having a second child.

i was in his wedding. yet i never talk to him anymore.

i think people should just stop being friends with me all together.

i might very well end up being a horrible person when i grow up.

but i do indeed have a fat cobra.

and what has two thumbs and likes blowjobs?

this guy right here!

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