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crushkilldestroy's Journal

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Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
For the record, I am not dead.

I am not hanging out with the disgusting person people I assumed I was.

I'm in Eugene to get the fuck away from things for awhile.

Jesus Christ.

Sorry I quit my minimum wage job I took at the age of 24 that had absolutely horrible safety regulations, I had to commute on the bus 5 hours a day, I was so sick with exhaustion I was vomiting unless I drank myself to sleep every night out.

And I did it to meet someone that turned out to be insanely awesome, spend little money, watch a movie I have wanted to see forever (eternal sunshine of the spotless mind) and have a great time.

It sure beats being completely miserable every day and crying myself to sleep.

If my mom thinks I went and ran away to kill myself because I was unhappy, she doesn't know me at all. I ran away to actually BE happy. I'm depressed a lot, but I'm not a coward.

Maybe she shouldn't have disabled collect calling from her phone service just because I called her once over and over when I was in a jam and needed bailed out. This time, I'm perfectly fine and just wanted to let her know how I was.

Oh well, no one can know beforehand if they will be good parents.

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