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Just an observation observed while attempting to observe nothing at all....

I've had three relationships. With four girls. Two of them were actual relationships. Two were half a relationship.

-I was 16, she was 17. She was the first girl I slept with. But I was sort of innocent, and she was far from it. She dumped me because I was inexperienced.

-I was 17, she was a 24 year old stripper. She cheated on me constantly and made me say I loved her, I finally did, after taking a lot of drugs washed down with Olde English. Which is exactly what it took me to gather the nerve to dump her eventually. She was one of the 100% girlfriends, I guess.

-The other girl, well, she doesn't fit in any timeline. We always messed around, she and I always lived too far away, and we just (sort of, but not so recently) had sex for the first time. I suppose maybe if she lived closer we'd have had an actual relationship, or tried, anyway.

-The real girlfriend. The one I was engaged to. It lasted nearly 2 years. I think I covered this one about a thousand times over about a year ago when it first ended.

Do I have a point? Not really. It's just sad that though I've messed around with over 20 women (though had sex with FAR FAR less, and been shit on by them all, so I'm hardly trying to be a braggart), I've only really had serious feelings for 4. And 2 weren't even that serious. Not that I'm incapable of feeling for someone, quite the opposite. I'm incapable of making someone feel for me.

Maybe I shouldn't mention the anal gonad until the second date.
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