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So I had this dream last night, I was a student at the U of O in Eugene, and my roomate was Jack Black and some other guy. I get this call from an Cara, who tells me she needs to talk because her boyfriend is abusive (except in this dream her boyfriend Simpson). So I make plans to meet her somewhere, but I also forget that I made plans with my real (although in this dream the part was played by a fictional character) girlfriend (which I don't have). So I run into them both, and reschedule with the Cara, so I get her number.

I hang out with my (fictional) girlfriend, and take her home. Then, on my way home, I see a horrible murder on the U of O campus.

Then *poof* I wake up (in my dream, I didn't actually wake up). I'm not in Eugene. I actually go to a completely different school. The only parts that had actually happened were the talks with the ladies. So, I call the Eugene police, and tell them what I saw. Next thing I know I'm arrested for murder. At the trial, I see Jack Black, his other roomate...and the guy who was me in the vision I had, and he was the one I saw doing the killing.

As I'm lead out of the courtroom, reporters start asking me questions.

I then set out to prove that guy guilty, and myself innocent.

So a team of police, Jack Black, myself and the real killer go the crime scene. And the guy was saying he had met a girl at a party, and had been around the crime scene. And Jack Black was all "DID YOU MAKE OUT, MAN?!?!" and the guy high fived him and was all "FUCK YEAH!".

Well, eventually I proved myself innocent.

Then a mysterious woman walks up to me and explains I'm actually a member of a race of mysterious half human half aquatic creatures that can breathe underwater and swim really well. Kind of like Kevin Kostner in Waterworld, or the Submariner. So we go swim around this giant underwater palace for awhile. I hang out with my own kind of awhile, then miss my homies.

Then I went back to my real "land walking" friends, and we were on some Goonies type adventure looking for treasure. I don't remember much of this part other than someone fell in the Milwaukie sewage treatment plant.

I have weird dreams, I know.

Unrelated, and I am positively awake now.


They're from one of the old lady's that lives downstairs' church.

And ever since last Christmas time (and well, this one isn't coming up roses, either) I hate Christmas time.
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