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I talk to you every now and then, I've never felt so alone again...

I hate myself and I want to die, how is that for a Livejournal entry? I like it, do you? It's so damned teen-angsty, it's great. Maybe I should move to Seattle and grow myself a "soul patch". Maybe I should start listening to Christian rock (maybe if I didn't fucking LOATH Pedro the Lion...). Maybe I'm just lonely and bitter and have came to the realization that cutting my hand with a razor really isn't the answer to all of life's problems. Maybe I'm finally growing up, but I doubt that. I mean, ME?!? Jesus Lord of fuck, everyone that knows me would laugh at the idea of me acting like an adult. I need to get my stitches out, but I can't even take the responsibility to get that taken care of. I can't hold down a job, and I can't keep a girlfriend. I'm pretty much useless. And I'm perfectly content with that. It's ok. All is well. I will move on. Tomorrow's another day, I guess...
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